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Water Themed Concrete Floor for Hotel Bar in Thornton, CO

ocean themed stained concrete floorfish stencils - airbrushed and stained concrete floor

doubletree hotel bar concrete floor

We had a blast resurfacing this concrete floor in the DoubleTree by Hilton’s hotel bar in Thornton, CO. We were joined by the esteemed decorative concrete artist Bob Harris, who was such an inspiration to our crews!

The water theme for this concrete floor was planned with edges of sandy beach and an island in the middle of a bright turquoise body of water. Accents of colorful, splashing fish with the interesting juxtaposition of bright aspen leaves floating in the water makes this floor a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

We began by tearing out the old carpet and then discovered a damaged layer of underlayment that also needed to be removed. We used the grinder to smooth everything before installing a layer of repair mortar to bring up to level with the abutting tile.

Once that was ground to a smooth finish we installed the first coat of KEMIKO® Terra Fresco Micro-Topping. The second coat of Terra Fresco was installed with textured areas which would eventually become the island, the shore and the waves.

We created drawings of fish (a coy mix of koi and trout) and leaves using an overhead projector with transparencies to trace them onto the concrete overlay. We airbrushed the fish and leaves with color and then covered with plastic to protect for the staining of the water around them.

Once the fish and leaves were completed, we stained the brilliant blue water areas with a mixture of dyes from Ameripolish (turquoise and patriot blue). We added the dimension of the waves with torn paper and dye.

When the water was complete, we installed quartz fill on the island and shore to look like sand. The quartz fill was broadcast into 100% solids epoxy.

Finally we sealed the entire floor with a polyaspartic sealer in a high gloss finish.

Check out these videos produced by Bob Harris detailing our work on this project:

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