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Acid Stained Concrete

stained concrete denverWe installed stained concrete for existing concrete, or we can install an overlay over top of your broken concrete and stain that. Reactive concrete stains are a unique architectural accent designed to color cementitious surfaces, using a combination of reactive metallic salts in water-based solutions. The result is a permanent colorization, tinting or staining of the treated surface. Add multiple colors and patterns and you have a one-of-a-kind beautiful surface.

We specialize in acid stained concrete with colors chosen especially for your project. Need to match or complement existing colors on your house or commercial space? No problem. We will create a unique acid stained concrete color solution for your project. Worried how it will look? No problem! We will create sample boards prior to staining your concrete and bring them to the project site so you can see how the stain will look in your unique lighting.

Acid stained concrete can be bold (such as green or blue) or neutral (like brown or gray). The possibilities are endless! Call today to see what our design team can suggest for your acid stained concrete project.

Photos of our Stained Concrete Work:


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