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Decorative Concrete Driveway in Arvada CO

decorative concrete arvadastamped concrete driveway arvada

Decorative Concrete Arvada CO


Location and Scope

As a focal point, the original large, drab gray driveway and walkway didn’t make much of a statement. These Arvada homeowners wanted something that would be unique, contemporary, and would speak to their sense of adventure. The solution? Tear out the old concrete driveway and walkway and pour a new 1260 square foot drive and 198 square foot walkway. In order to add interest, and break up the large driveway, we sectioned it off to create smaller areas of texture, color and design. Homeowners Susan and Randy say they never get tired of hearing people in the neighborhood say “Oh, you live in the house with that beautiful new driveway.”

Stamped Concrete Driveway

Each of these sections was individually formed, poured, colored, and stamped using two different stamp textures: Roman Slate and Old Granite. The resulting squares mirror the architecture of the house and draw the eye away from the large, three car garage. We colored the darker borders with Adobe Buff color hardener and Nutmeg release. The lighter square sections were colored with Adobe Buff color hardener and Desert Tan release. As a final touch, we stamped the Compass Rose Medallion in the center box and hand stained it to create a custom focal point.

Stamped Concrete Walkway (Front Entryway)

Stamped Concrete Walkway (Side of House)

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