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Concrete Repair

As part of an overlay or a resurfacing project, we can repair concrete that is cracking, chipping, spalling or flaking. We use overlays to create a new, strong, beautiful surface with a decorative finish, including stamped concrete, stained concrete, concrete with pigmented sealer, and more. Our concrete repair system uses Miracote overlay products. We can use a smoothing/leveling underlayment to first create a level surface upon which to apply the overlay. Miracote repair mortars and are are liquid polymer and cementitious-based. They are applied by trowel, screed or squeegee, and are ideal for concrete restoration and resurfacing, and properly reinforced plywood substrates. Miracote underlayments can also be used for microtoppings, resinous systems, carpet, linoleum, resilient tile or ceramic tile.

** Please note that we do not repair concrete as a stand alone project, we only repair as a prep for a resurfacing project. **

The following photos are before, during, and after a concrete repair job on a commercial pool deck in Waterford Place Apartments in Thornton, Colorado. The pool deck concrete had over 325 linear feet of cracks and about 6 areas where the concrete was broken. To begin the concrete repair, we cut out all the cracks with a blade, and filled the voids with sand and a flexible crack mending material. In addition about half of the cracks had to be stitched with lauder wire. The broken areas were cleaned, ground out and filled with repair mortar. Once all the repair work was finished, we ground the entire pool deck to get a flat surface. Then we troweled the first coat of Miracote MPC overlay, with Dodge City Tan color added. We let that cure, sanded it, and cleaned it. Then we sprayed a second coat of the Miracote overlay and did a knockdown texture finish. Once that cured, we sealed it with two coats of solvent-based sealer with slip resistance added. We also removed and replaced about 225 linear feet of caulk between the concrete and the coping.

Before Concrete Repair:

During Concrete Repair:

After Concrete Repair:

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