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Concrete Polishing

concrete polishing for kitchen floorPolished concrete, or concrete grinding and polishing, is a great way to refinish regular concrete, plus it provides an easy-to-clean, durable surface. Polished concrete is achieved by grinding concrete down using increasingly fine grit. We use metal-bonded diamond grinders, starting with 30 grit, then 50 grit and finishing with 80 grit. Then we move to resin-bonded diamond polishers, starting with 100 grit, then 200 grit, then 400 grit, and finally 800 grit. Polishing to an 800 grit creates a very shiny, polished look. But you can also polish to a rougher finish, perhaps only to 400 grit.

Polished concrete floors are low-maintenance and never need wax or additional coatings. We offer a variety of options in polishing your concrete, from rough finish to fine finish, and more options include stains, dyes and sealers. Stop by our Golden CO showroom to see examples of polished concrete in our warehouse. We have finished different section of the warehouse floor with various polished concrete finishes, from a rough grind to a very shiny, polished surface. We even have some examples of polished concrete with concrete stain.

Photos of our Concrete Polishing Work:

Need Concrete Grinding Services to Prep and/or Level Your Concrete Slab?

Table Mountain Creative Concrete can provide a variety of surface preparation services for contractors and DIYers who need help leveling a concrete slab. Preparing a concrete surface properly before installing any type of floor covering is essential to ensure a successful installation of hardwood flooring, tile, microtoppings, etc.

Read more about our concrete grinding services here.

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