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Need help grinding your concrete to prepare the surface for a DIY job in the Denver area?


grinding leveling prepping concretePreparation is key to the success of any project—whether staining a wooden table or painting a wall, the work done in preparation for the application of stain and paint is critical to the outcome of the project.  Concrete is no different.

As a decorative concrete installer, we grind and prepare concrete surfaces prior to:

  1. Installing epoxies, polyaspartics, cementitious micro-toppings and other coatings;
  2. Polishing concrete;
  3. concrete preparation & grindingApplying stains or concrete dyes; and
  4. Sealing or waxing the concrete.

There are many reasons to grind and prepare a concrete surface aside from refinishing the concrete:

  1. Level an uneven concrete floor or eliminate humps and trip hazards;
  2. Remove existing coatings such as carpet and tile adhesives, epoxies and other synthetics; and
  3. Prepare for the installation of other flooring materials such as wood, ceramic tile or vinyl composite tile (vct);

Experience and the right tools can go a long way to making the preparation stage of the project go smoothly and with exceptional results.  Our crews understand how critical it is to prepare the concrete before completing the decorative elements of their projects—it directly impacts the outcome.  As a result, they understand how important it is for the success of your project.

If you need help in preparing your concrete, whether you are going to stain the concrete floor yourself or lay new carpet, please give us a call today!

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